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"Yes, I Do" in details


Our basic package Yes, I Do is the perfect option for the couples looking for the fast, easy and inexpensive marriage registration. In Georgia, you become an official wife and husband just in a few hours and the certificate you get has the legal force in the countries of the Hague Convention.  For other countries, different procedures and rates apply. 

What you need to legalize your relationship is your will to get married and just two valid passports. The rest – passports translation and notarization, provision of 2 witnesses, certificate translation and apostille – will be provided by us and is included in the package price. 

Document Requirements

You will need to present your passports to the Public Service Hall proving your identities and showing that you have crossed the Georgian border legally. Before your arrival you must email your passports to us, we’ll translate and notarize them as the local authorities require the Georgian versions. Translation and notarization are included in the service price. 

Please note: in case any of you were married before or you have a common child with the person you wish to marry, you must present the relevant document apostilled by your country authorities (apostille requirement for the Hague Convention countries). Translation and notarization of the additional documents are not included in the package price.

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Detailed Schedule 

9AM On the agreed day, we meet at the Public Service Hall. Early morning is the best time as there are no lines and crowds. We submit submit the documents (original passports, copies and translations) to operator. An employee receives the documents, provides a relevant receipt and re-submits the documents for the further approval.  The whole process takes approximately 15 minutes. You are free for the next few hours. 

12 AM The approval message of your marriage is received by SMS (to my mobile). We return to PSH – this time with my assistant, a second witness of your marriage. We sign the papers all together and, in a few minutes, you obtain your official Marriage Certificate in Georgian, in two equal copies. Please note: 12 AM is the approximate time. Sometimes, when there are too many requests, it might take longer.  

After this I stay for another few minutes in PSH and submit one Georgian certificate for the translation and apostille. Another copy remains with you. 

6 PM We meet again near PSH and I give you the translated and apostilled marriage registration certificate. The document includes the original Georgian certificate and its translated version with apostille, thus becoming the document recognized by the countries under the Hague Convention. For other countries different procedures and rates will apply, please contact us for details. 

Disclaimer: least possible, but PSH might decline a marriage request, might make a mechanical mistake in translation or documents registration.  Our company does not bear any responsibility for the errors of PSH, however we try our best to resolve any issue occurring while the process. 

Brilliant! Helped with everything we needed with fast replies and useful information. Everything went smoothly as planned.
Simeon and Marie
Couple from Ireland

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