Yes, I do and I want to capture my special day! Papers + ceremony + photoshoot + dinner + car service and more
Price: $ 990

old tbilisi

Yes, I do! (papers + ceremony + flowers )
Price: $ 550

I simply do! (papers only)
Price: $ 330

Yes, I do and I want to celebrate this special day with my friends and family! Legal or symbolic wedding, floral arrangements, decor and design, dinner, wedding host and much more!
Price: from $ 100 per person

wedding in georgia
wedding in georgia

We loved everything that was offered by you and your company 🥰 from the attention to details and your constant support. The fact that everything was easily done and processed even before we came there by WhatsApp only, and once there with your overall recommendations as well. It was perfect 🥰👏🏻

Virginia & Dylan from Muscat, Oman