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MUZA – event and travel company

M U Z A is for Muse

M U Z A  is the full-service event & travel company based in Tbilisi, Georgia, offering a range of services including weddings, conferences, team buildings, corporate events, incentive tours and other activities in Georgia. 

Our name is derived from the great Greek goddess Muse – the inspirational goddess of art, science and literature. So through our tours and events we try to embody the inspiration she has brought to the ones around.

We, at M U Z A are greatly passionate about what we do and are dedicated to delivering perfect event to you. So far we’ve gathered a huge experience with destination weddings, multi-cultural incentives, art exhibitions and international conferences. We travel a lot around our beloved country visiting each destination before you to make sure it meets your wishes and desires. We take a good care of each tiny detail related to the process so you can fully relax and simply enjoy the outcome. 

Typically we start with a free consultation meeting (live or online) to help us better understand your needs. We are very eager to hear what you might want to say and express. Contact us for a friendly consultation or submit a request to get an approximate budget of your event. 

How it all started

Back in 2000′, while working for the Georgian and international telecom companies, I traveled the world attending numerous telecom events including the most prominent US meeting – ITW, and other significant conferences. 

As planning and organizing have always been my passions, one day I decided to hold a telecom event by myself, in Georgia, since in spite of international interest towards the industry there had not yet been such event held. So TMG – Telecom Meeting in Georgia 2010 was our debut, 2-day networking event involving B2B meetings and conferences in Tbilisi and various activities taking place in Kakheti, the wine region, one of the most popular tourist destinations of our country.

Through years TMG grew to be an annual attend-worthy event for the international telecom community while I also planned other corporate and social events for local and international companies on the side, which soon let to the birth of M U Z A, where we create unforgettable experiences and everlasting memories. 

        “M U Z A events are inspired by the Georgian character – they are soulful, heartwarming, unique”

About me

I, the founder of M U Z A, was born and raised in Tbilisi,  a place I am in love with. I have been passionate about traveling and exploring foreign cultures as well as my own lands since day one.  Aesthete by nature, I find beauty and inspiration wherever I go and project it onto unique, quick-witted event designs. I truly enjoy communicating with people of all backgrounds which makes the event-planning process quite pleasant and amusing for me or my beloved customers.   

I am perfectionist with deep commitment to understanding each client’s objectives. I believe my attention to detail makes M U Z A events an incredibly unique and memorable experience for all. 

And most importantly, it goes without saying that I’m a frequent guest at numerous corporate, business or fun events, which is why I know exactly what guests enjoy, dislike, feel or look for. So while planning my next event, I always consider guests’ impressions and emotions in order to bring only the best experiences to my customers. 

Sophie Amiranashvili, 

founder and event planner 

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