Getting married in Georgia

With breathtaking mountains, endless valleys, blue lakes and scenic views, each corner of Georgia serves as the incredible backdrop for your Big Day. But put aside the beauties of the Georgian nature – our country now might be the safest destination for you and your guests to travel to as it has successfully emerged from the pandemics with very low number of corona-virus cases. The country re-opens its borders for international tourists from July 1, 2020 and looks forward to welcoming the guests who look for unforgettable travel experiences.  

Whether you want the glamour of the city venues, the romantics of the vineyards, the mystics of the mountains or tenderness of the waterfronts – we can arrange a dream wedding for you at any amazing spot of the country. 

Getting married in Georgia is fun, romantic, stress-free and affordable. There are minimum paperwork requirements, there are a vast of beautiful venues, there are traditions, hospitality, wine, food and everything to make your day just truly unforgettable. 

How it works

We start with distant or live meeting with our customers to understand their goals, requirements and expectations about getting married in Georgia. Based on the meeting or a filled-out form we provide approximate quotes of the wedding. 

Once the budget is agreed, the contract is signed and the first portion of the payment received we start the planning process which includes a visit to a selected location, documents submission (in case of the legal marriage), selection of vendors and provision of the wedding design sketches. We select and agree with you hosts, musicians, program, scenario and other parts of the wedding. 

We make sure everything is ready for your arrival. We coordinate the process of the wedding to make sure each part runs smoothly. You can really relax and have a worry-free, beautiful and unforgettable wedding. Our events are distinguished for the impeccable planning, for their character – mixing your dreams with the local traditions.