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Getting married in Georgia

With breathtaking mountains, endless valleys, turquoise lakes and scenic views, each corner of Georgia serves as the incredible backdrop for your Big Day. But put aside the beauties of the Georgian nature – right now, with COVID-19 risks still out there, our country might be the safest place for you to celebrate your love, since at handling the pandemics we’ve served as an example. Confirmed coronavirus cases here are exceptionally low and precautions taken to minimize the risks have been very successful.  

Whether you prefer the glamour of the city venues,  the romantics of the vineyards, mystics of the mountains or glee of golden beaches – we can arrange a dream wedding for you at any astonishing spot of the country with any preferable vibe and theme. Getting married is fun wherever, but we can make it twice as fun, romantic, stress-free and affordable in Georgia. Hints of our traditions, cuisine, our exceptional wine and dance are definitely  plus we can offer you with any intensity you might prefer. And what better place to get married that the one that molds to your likings to create the most perfect, the most memorable day you can have.

How it works

We start with live or online meetings to understand your goals, requirements and expectations. Based on the meeting or a filled-out form we provide the approximate expanse fees of the wedding. 

Once the budget is agreed on, the contract signed and the first portion of the payment received we start the planning process immediately which includes a visit to a selected venue, document submission (in case of a legal marriage), selection of vendors and provision of the wedding design sketches. We select and discuss with you on potential hosts, musicians, program, scenario and other important details. 

We make sure everything is set and ready for your arrival. We coordinate the process of the wedding to make sure each part runs smoothly. Meanwhile you can fully relax and have a worriless pre-wedding week and then a flawless ceremony. Above all, we plan out every element of the wedding very carefully, so we can perfectly mix for you local traditions with your dreams. 

"We were so lucky to meet Sophie, who did help us with planning our wedding in lovely Georgia. From the very beginning she was so helpful. She did help us with everything from make-up, place, transport till band, food, photographer and so on. We have heard a lot of stories that wedding planning is very stressful, but in our case with the help of Sophie everything was so easy. Thus, we could enjoy every moment of it. We are sure that with her help we did have our dream wedding. We are very thankful for making our dream come true. Once again we would like to thank Sophie and everyone who did help planning and making our special day."
Janina and Mantas
The couple from Lithuania