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MUZA – event and travel company

Holding business meetings and conferences in Georgia

Georgia, placed on the international map as a safe, attractive, budget-friendly and a virus-safe country, offers a variety of venues perfect for conferences of any shape, size and budget. From international 5-star hotels to quite unusual, unique venues such as theaters, nightclubs, museums – there’s a spot to suit any company or brand. Tbilisi, Black Sea coast cities or towns from other regions can all be the best destination for your conferences or other formal meetings depending on your desires as they offer various appropriate venues which can fit the company’s needs. With the possibility of accommodating small to large groups, Georgia can host international networking events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars or other formal and informal events as quickly, affordably and effortlessly as you might like. 

Regardless of the group size and departure location logistics won’t be a hassle since lots of quality airlines are in service for us. So if you’re looking for a perfect destination to keep your business inspiration or coworker bonds growing – we might just be the rightest place.

How it works

We start with live or online meetings to understand your goals, requirements and expectations. Based on the meeting we start working on our proposal and send you the approximate budget for the event. After the budget is agreed on we work on the contract and as the initial portion of payment is received we start the actual process of the event planning. 

Your requirements might include the full planning that involves video and photo services, interpreters, equipment installation, provision of banners and printing services. All this promised to be handled well we’re open to any other extra requirements you might have. And as our service is run by a perfectionist we dare say it all will be as quick and as top notch as possible!

I could not be more satisfied with MUZA work. Sophie, the owner, has been always right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for our event. I sincerely appreciated her efficient, gracious customer service and the level of detail and accountability she has demonstrated on our event, and the way she conducted business as a whole.
I strongly recommend MUZA to other companies looking for a reliable event organizer in Georgia.