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MUZA – event and travel company

Because it's cool

It is not rare that people refer to Georgia, specifically our capital, as the new Berlin – and it only makes sense since Tbilisi is quite bohemian, vibrant, lively and modernized while still keeping its post-soviet aesthetic. The rest of the country, meanwhile, mesmerizes visitors with its versatile landscapes all year round.
Amazing food and wine, adventures, adrenaline, romance, tranquility, self-discovery – you can find it all in here while enjoying beautiful sunsets, milky mountain views, walks through breezy riversides or exploring medieval architecture, even clubbing – you name it. We’ve got it all – for visitors of any age, backgrounds, passions and desires. 

And most importantly, hospitality has always run in our blood – a guest is a gift from God – the most famous Georgian saying goes, and we stand by that. Georgian people are naturally affectionate, generous and loving. We love sharing our culture, traditions, our stories and we do greet every guest with open heart –  all of which you can experience through events and adventures planned by M U Z A. 

Because it's safe

In those uncertain times of Covid-19 Georgia has held pandemic exceptionally well and is now included in a list of 15 non-EU states the European Union considers safe enough to open its borders to.

Aside of Covid-19 Georgia is a safe country in other aspects as well – crime rates are low and the overall safety index is pretty high.  With almost no chance to get robbed, taken advantage of or violated, tourists usually feel safe not to mention police are patrolling every block for 24/7. It’s absolutely of no danger to ride a metro, take a public transport or take night walks in streets of Tbilisi and other cities of the country.

 On top of that Georgia is quite friendly towards minorities which is why it’s not hard to find churches of pretty much any religion here, or gay bars,  clubs and other facilities  some might be interested in.  


Because it is affordable

Last but not least Georgia is pretty affordable. You can do anything here at almost half the price that you can do elsewhere in Europe. Want a beach wedding? Want to hike the highest Georgian mountain? Want a private cottage in the woods? Want to go see a fairytale-like canyon? Want the biggest corporate party? Go nuts! We can offer anything of that sort plus more, and being on a budget won’t really be a hold-up. Needless to say, quality of service meets the international standards guaranteeing you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got hotels, hostels, guesthouses and resorts of every range, therefore meeting your desires won’t be of any trouble.

Yet this does not make Georgia just another European country, since our spirit shows in almost every service or experience we offer. Georgian dances, cuisine, traditions, culture in general, have its own way of getting to you. No matter how modernized, tiny bits of our authenticity unveil at every step and you can’t help but be a part of it!  So, welcome! 

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